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Wound Care

When it comes to the quality of medical equipment and supplies, BP are dedicated to only supplying our customers with the leading brands available. From BANDAGES to dressings, tapes to SUTURES, our comprehensive wound care range is designed to have everything your centre, organisation, clinic, or other medical facility could need.

Our range of wound care products includes: Tapes, SUTURES, ORTHOPAEDICS, IRRIGATION SOLUTIONS, FIRST AID & BASIC DRESSINGS, Advanced dressings, GAUZE & NON-WOVENS, BANDAGES, WOUND CLOSURE and more.

The specialist suppliers in Australia

Treating wounds is a common occurrence for many medical practitioners, meaning that they need to remain stocked up on a regular basis. Our online store offers the perfect conduit for such professionals and organisations looking to fulfil this need as our easy shopping and delivery services take the headache out of your regular resupply.

As a trusted name in the industry, many medical professionals and institutes rely upon our selection all across the country. From WOUND CLOSURE strips to tubular BANDAGES, all of our wound care products are manufactured to the highest possible standard, ensuring you receive nothing short of industry leading supplies.

Order direct from us online for shipping throughout Australia

Offering a convenient and flexible online shopping experience, you will be able to take advantage of our first-rate range from anywhere in Australia as we ship directly to you. With the resources and the scalability to handle orders of all sizes, we are the perfect partner for medical centres or solo practitioners seeking reputable supplies and equipment.

Speak to us today for any required assistance

Our customers are always our first priority, so please don't hesitate to GET IN CONTACT WITH US should you require additional information about our products, or you simply had a general enquiry. Whether about our delivery options, or the rest of our range, our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist. You can reach us on 1300 224 450.