Unfortunately, due to severe supply constraints, we are currently not accepting any more RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) orders from the General Public, from New Customers, or from Non-GP Customers. Our focus is to support our existing GP Customers – as frontline Healthcare workers. Stock will be allocated as available. Only existing GP account holders can still place RAT orders once logged in. We recommend checking our website weekly as this might change if additional stock becomes available. Thank you for your understanding. For BP Medical GP Customers, please continue to plan ahead as backorders are being processed as dedicated stock arrives. At this stage, we cannot accept new GP customer account requests for the sole purpose of purchasing Rapid Antigen Tests.

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Medical Thermometers for Professional & Home Use

Ensure even your most foundational pieces of equipment are of the highest quality. BP Medical provides a range of different types of medical thermometers for sale, helping private individuals and doctors take faster, more accurate body temperature readings in a hygienic way. Our thermometers are available in a range of configurations including contactless forehead, oral, rectal and aural. Whether for use in a clinical setting such as a hospital, general practitioner's office or nursing home or in the home on members of your own family, we can provide a thermometer to suit your needs at a price that fits within your budget.

Many of our professional thermometers offer quick-read capabilities, providing an accurate temperature measurement within three seconds. Some of our models can also detect when probe covers have been previously used, helping to ensure that your clinic is always operating in a hygienic and sanitary fashion. We can also provide consumables and accessories for many of the systems we stock, ensuring that for the lifespan of your thermometer you'll be able to access probe covers in bulk at an affordable price.

For Australians everywhere

Make the right choice for your practice or your family and invest in quality medical devices and supplies through BP Medical. With more than 100,000 products in our catalogue, there's something to meet every need.

Get in touch with our customer service department on 1300 22 44 50 with any questions and we'll be happy to point you in the direction of the right product for you. Order today and enjoy fast, low-cost delivery anywhere in Australia.